Our Cheese

Our cheese is made from natural raw milk. We use only the highest quality ingredients and produce the cheese using traditional artisanal Dutch methods. We use only vegetable rennet. Cheese made from raw milk has its benefits. It is healthier and it develops a more complex taste. Pasteurisation of the milk kills too many of the natural good bacteria present in the milk. These natural good bacteria help the milk to ferment properly and yield the best of flavours. Raw milk cheese is full of living cheese enzymes that help digest the fats and proteins of the milk.  The wide variety of microflora present in raw milk also brings beneficial effects to raw milk cheeses which contain higher quantities of probiotic natural good bacteria than pasteurized (sterilized) milk.

We produce the following cheeses:

Boerenkaas - this can be enjoyed as a young cheese (6 weeks) or aged from 3 months to one year. The flavours develop as the cheese ages.

6 week- Mild, creamy and full of flavour

3 month- The intensity of the flavour develops into a full rich flavour

6+months- It has now matured into a decadent, complex and explosive flavour


Boerenkaas Mixes - we add herbs or seeds to the Boerenkaas. We have Cumin, Pepper, Mustard, Wild Garlic and the Italian Mix   (tomato, basil and garlic).


Just Old/ Cheddem - this is a Emmental / Cheddar type cheese aged to 6 months

- This is rich, robust and tangy flavoursome cheese which lingers on the palate.


Parmesan Style - this is a Parmesan type cheese but made with full cream milk and only aged to 6 months.